Download SqWebMail


SqWebMail requires that either the GDBM or the DB library must be installed. Perl is also required. GNU make and gcc/egcs is also highly recommended. There have been intermittent reports of various problems with using other make utilities, or other compilers. Chances are that everything will compile and install properly, though. Currently, some of the component libraries include some self-test code written in C++. SqWebMail itself is written entirely in C, and the C++ components are not used; however you have to be able to compile C++, for now.

Read INSTALL, SECURITY and BUGS before compiling and installing SqWebMail. Loading http://yourwebsite/cgi-bin/sqwebmail shows the login page. You can manually move sqwebmail to any other directory, and use any URL that resolves to sqwebmail.


Download and install the Courier Authentication Library from http://www.courier-mta.org/authlib/, if it's not installed already.

Download sqwebmail: http://www.courier-mta.org/download.html#sqwebmail

GIT Repository

See http://www.courier-mta.org/status.html for more information.


You can build a binary RPM directly from this tarball. Download this tarball, then type rpm -ta filename. RPM 3.0, or higher, is required. Use rpmbuild -ta filename with RPM 4.1, or higher (Red Hat 8.0, or higher).