Courier Mail Server

Download the Courier mail server

Now is the good time to mention that you MUST read the contents of INSTALL after downloading and unpacking the source code. No exceptions. When checking out the code from the subversion repository, the install file in the courier module is hidden in a subdirectory (it will be moved to INSTALL by make dist), so please read the online version. Other modules have INSTALL.html at the top level, which can be read with any browser.

Download the source code tarball from This download page also contains the latest releases of the individual the Courier mail server component packages: The Courier IMAP server, SqWebMail, and maildrop.

There's also a new public Github repository with miscellaneous, assorted scripts and tools.

Debian packages

Questions about the Debian port should be mailed to <>.

Source code repository

The current development version of the Courier mail server can be checked out of the Git repository.

Building RPMs

The source code tarball includes a build script, making it possible to build RPMs for Fedora.