Cone: COnsole Newsreader And Emailer

Cone mail client
Folder Listing
Folder Listing Screen
Reading Usenet Newsgroups
Adding top-level folders
Removing top-level folders
Removing memorized headers
Renaming folders
Creating new folders
Deleting folders
Editing folder permissions
Installing filters
Removing mail accounts
Rearranging accounts and top-level folders
Defining special folders
Reconfiguring an account
Other commands
Folder Index
Folder Index Screen
External commands
Searching messages
Watching Threads
Checking for new mail
Concurrent changes to the current folder's contents
Message View Screen
Message View Screen
Write Message Screen
Write Message Screen
Setup Screen
Setup Screen
New Account
New/Edit Account Screen
Remote Configuration
Saved settings
Disabling remote configuration
Encryption And Signatures
MIME encryption and digital signatures
Signing and encrypting messages
Decrypting messages, and verifying signatures
Decrypting messages with a passphrase-protected key
Master Passwords
Renewing SSL certificates
Encryption Menu
Mail Filters
Mail Filter Entry Screen
Search criteria
Address Book
Import/Export address book
LDAP Address Books
Add LDAP Address Book screen
cone — Read and send E-mail messages
leaf — Lightweight Editor of Ascii(and more) Files
mailtool — Process mailboxes
LibMAIL reference
C/C++ namespace
A. mail::ACCOUNT Synchronous API reference
mail::ACCOUNT::addMessage — Add a message to a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::checkNewMail — Check for new mail in the current folder
mail::ACCOUNT::copyMessagesTo — Copy messages to another folder
mail::ACCOUNT::createFolder — Create a new folder
mail::ACCOUNT::deleteFolder — Delete a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::delRights — Delete an access control list identifier
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderIndexInfo — Return message status
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderIndexSize — Return number of messages in the current folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderFromPath — A direct short-cut to a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderFromString — Restore a folder object
mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderKeywordInfo — Return message keywords
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageContent — Read message content
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageContentDecoded — Read message content
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageEnvelope — Return message header envelope
mail::ACCOUNT::getMessageStructure — Return message MIME structure
mail::ACCOUNT::getMyRights — Compute my access rights on a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getParentFolder — Find parent folder
mail::ACCOUNT::getRights — Read access control list
mail::ACCOUNT::getSubFolders — Enumerate subfolders
mail::ACCOUNT::getTopLevelFolders — Enumerate top-level folders
mail::ACCOUNT::login — Open a new mail account
mail::ACCOUNT::logout — Close a mail account
mail::ACCOUNT::moveMessagesTo — Move messages to another folder
mail::ACCOUNT::openFolder — Open a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::readFolderInfo — Get folder status
mail::ACCOUNT::removeMessages — Remove messages from the folder
mail::ACCOUNT::renameFolder — Rename a folder
mail::ACCOUNT::saveFolderIndexInfo — Update message status
mail::ACCOUNT::searchMessages — Search messages in the current folder
mail::ACCOUNT::send — Send a message
mail::ACCOUNT::setRights — Change access control lists
mail::ACCOUNT::translatePath — Convert readable folder path to internal folder path
mail::ACCOUNT::updateFolderIndexFlags — Update status of multiple messages
mail::ACCOUNT::updateFolderIndexInfo — Update status of the currently open folder
mail::ACCOUNT::updateKeywords — Update message keywords
B. mail::account Native API reference
mail::account::checkNewMail — Check for new mail
mail::account::copyMessagesTo — Copy messages to another folder
mail::account::findFolder — A direct short-cut to a folder
mail::account::folderFromString — Restore a folder object
mail::account::getFolderIndexInfo — Return message status
mail::account::getFolderIndexSize — Return number of messages in the current folder
mail::account::getFolderKeywordInfo — Return message keywords
mail::account::getSendFolder — Create a folder object for sending mail
mail::account::hasCapability — Mail account's properties
mail::account::isRemoteUrl — Determine whether the account is a remote account
mail::account::logout — Disconnect from the server
mail::account::moveMessagesTo — Move messages to another folder
mail::account::open — Open a new mail account
mail::account::poll — Wait for the next event
mail::account::process — Process pending events
mail::account::readMessageAttributes — Return message metadata
mail::account::readMessageContent — Read messages
mail::account::readMessageContentDecoded — Read decoded message contents
mail::account::readTopLevelFolders — Enumerate top-level folders
mail::account::removeMessages — Remove messages from the folder
mail::account::resume — Resume after a suspend
mail::account::saveFolderIndexInfo — Update message status
mail::account::searchMessages — Search messages in the current folder
mail::account::translatePath — Convert readable folder path to internal folder path
mail::account::updateFolderIndexFlags — Update status of multiple messages
mail::account::updateFolderIndexInfo — Update status of the currently open folder
mail::account::updateKeywords — Update message keywords
mail::account::updateNotify — Request notification of folder updates
C. Miscellaneous functions
mail::homedir — Return the home directory.
mail::hostname — Return host name
mail::loginUrlEncode — Create a mail account URL
mail::loginUrlDecode — Decode a mail account URL
mail::setAppCharset — Set application character set
mail::upper — Convert text string to uppercase
D. mail::folder Native API reference
mail::folder::addMessage — Add a message to a folder
mail::folder::clone — Clone a mail::folder object
mail::folder::create — Create a new folder
mail::folder::createSubFolder — Create a new folder
mail::folder::delRights — Delete an access control list identifier
mail::folder::destroy — Destroy an existing folder
mail::folder::getMyRights — Compute my access rights on a folder
mail::folder::getName — Return the folder's name
mail::folder::getParentFolder — Find parent folder
mail::folder::getPath — Return the folder's server address
mail::folder::getRights — Read access control list
mail::folder::hasMessages — Determine if the folder is capable of storing messages
mail::folder::hasSubFolders — Determine if the folder is capable of storing other folders
mail::folder::isparentof — Check if another folder is this folder's subfolder
mail::folder::open — Open a folder
mail::folder::readFolderInfo — Get folder status
mail::folder::readSubFolders — Enumerate subfolders
mail::folder::renameFolder — Rename a folder
mail::folder::setRights — Change access control lists
mail::folder::toString — Save a folder object
E. Creating headers
mail::Header::addresslist — An E-mail header that contains addresses.
mail::Header::encoded — An unstructured E-mail header.
mail::Header::list — Create a list of headers.
mail::Header::mime — A structured MIME header.
mail::Header::plain — An unstructured, US-ASCII-only, E-mail header.
X. Extra/Miscellaneous objects/methods
mail::address — An E-mail address
mail::Attachment — Create MIME content.
mail::emailAddress — An E-mail address
mail::envelope — Message envelope information
mail::mimestruct — Message MIME structure
A. Simple Mail Access Protocol, Version 1
Conventions used in this document
SMAP syntax overview
Maximum limitations and timeouts
SMAP server replies
Status replies
Single line replies
Multiple line replies
An empty multi-line reply
SMAP connection negotiation
IMAP/SMAP protocol selection
SMAP capability list
Enabling encryption
Language selection
Userid/password login
SASL login
Creating folders and folder directories
Deleting folders and folder directories
Renaming folders and folder directories
Listing folders
Getting folder status
Access Control Lists
Using Folders
Opening a folder
Closing a folder
The NOOP command
The EXPUNGE command
The IDLE/RESUME command
Reading message attributes
Reading message contents
Modifying message attributes
More comments on concurrency
Adding messages to folders
The RSET command
Copying and moving messages
Searching messages
Logging off