mail::ACCOUNT::createFolder — Create a new folder


#include <libmail/sync.H>

mail::ACCOUNT *mail;
mail::folder *folder;

mail::folder *f=mail->createFolder( const mail::folder *parentFolder,
  std::string name,
  bool createDirectory);
bool ok=mail->createFolder( const mail::folder *folder,
  bool createDirectory);

std::string errmsg=mail->getErrmsg();


Most mail accounts support the ability to create and delete folders, which are arranged in a tree-like hierarchy. mail::ACCOUNT::createFolder creates a new folder. There are two versions of this function.

The first version creates a subfolder of an existing folder, parentFolder. name is the new folder's name, in the application's character set. If the folder is succesfully created a mail::folder object is returned that represents the newly-created folder (the application is responsible for destroying the new mail::folder object).

The second version creates a new folder that's specified by an existing mail::folder object (which is usually created by mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderFromString(3x) or mail::ACCOUNT::getFolderFromPath(3x)).


createDirectory should be set to true to create a new folder directory, and false for a regular folder. See mail::folder::createSubFolder(3x) for more information.


Some mail servers reserve certain characters which cannot be used in folder names. IMAP mail servers use a special character (usually "/" or ".") as a separator between names in a hierarchical folder path. The actual character varies from server to server. An attempt to create/rename a folder whose name includes a reserved character will fail. Different IMAP servers use different hierarchy separator characters. An attempt to create a folder may fail on one IMAP server even if another IMAP server can succesfully create a folder with the same name. This is, unfortunately, a design flaw in the IMAP protocol.


Maildir folders created by are compatible and can be read by the Courier-IMAP server. Names of maildir folders may contain any character, including the characters ":", "/", ".", "~", and ":". However, if the same folders are exported via IMAP, folders whose name includes these characters may not be readable by some IMAP clients. Even a LibMAIL application may not be able to read one of these folders via IMAP.


Mbox mail folders created by LibMAIL are mostly compatible and can be exported by IMAP servers that read mbox-formatted mail folders (with some limitations, such as that the same mbox folder cannot be open by LibMAIL and another application at the same time). Names of mbox folders can contain any character, including the characters "/", and "~". However if mbox folders are exported via IMAP, folders whose name includes these characters may not be readable by some IMAP clients.


This first mail::ACCOUNT::createFolder function returns a NULL pointer if it cannot create the new folder, for some reason; the second mail::ACCOUNT::createFolder function returns false if it fails.