Remote Configuration

This is an advanced feature. When Remote Configuration is enabled, an IMAP or an SMAP folder on a remote folder keeps a copy of Cone's configuration. This allows Cone's configuration to be accessed from multiple systems. An otherwise empty IMAP/SMAP folder must be reserved for this purpose. Highlight the folder with the cursor on the folder listing screen, then press U then R.

Answer N to the Import remote configuration question, and Cone will save its configuration to the remote folder, and automatically update the saved configuration, when needed.

Repeat the process by running Cone on another system, and answer Y to this question to import the previously saved configuration in this folder. Cone imports and reads the saved configuration, and will also automatically udpate the saved copy, when needed.

Although this feature allows the same configuration to be accessed from multiple locations, only one instance of Cone should be running at any given time and using the same remote configuration folder. Random errors will be reported if multiple instances of Cone try to open the same remote configuration folder, and the IMAP/SMAP server does not allow the same folder to be opened by two or more clients. Even if the server allows multiple access, Cone configuration will keep getting overwritten by the other Cone's saved configuration, leading to unpredictable results.

Saved settings

Not all configuration information will be saved remotely. When remote configuration is enabled, the following configuration will be saved in the remote configuration folder:

  • Location and login information for remote accounts (IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and NetNews). Location of local mail accounts is not saved. It doesn't make much sense to share location of local mailboxes between different systems.

  • Customized headers, E-mail addresses, special folders, and folder sort order.

The following configuration information will not be saved remotely:

  • Location of local mail accounts.

  • Cached data, including newsgroup subscription information. The configuration and login information of NetNews accounts is saved remotely, however the available newsgroup list, subscription information, and list of read and unread articles is not saved. The newsrc configuration file, which contains all that, can be quite big, and its not feasible to save it remotely.

Disabling remote configuration

To disable remote configuration, open the setup screen from the main menu, highlight Turn off remote configuration, and press ENTER.