Using the library

To use the library, #include <courier-unicode.h> and link with -lcourier-unicode. The C++ compiler must have C++11 support. Minimum usable version of gcc appears to be gcc 4.4 with the -std=c++0x flag. Current versions of gcc use C++11, or higher, by default and do not require extra flags. For C++ code, as usual, the compiler and compilation flags for compiling any code that uses this library must be ABI-compatible too.

The Courier Unicode library installs an autoconf macro to probe for C++11 support. In your



Then, in


The AX_COURIER_UNICODE_VERSION macro checks the minimum library version, which defaults to the build version. An optional parameter explicitly specifies which version of the Courier Unicode library is the minimum version required, i.e.:


AX_COURIER_UNICODE_CXXFLAGS sets COURIER_UNICODE_CXXFLAGS to the appropriate option for older gcc compilers that require an option to enable C++11 support.

The starting point for the library documentation is courier-unicode(7). Refer to the included manual pages for more information.