The Courier IMAP server


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Linux manual pages

Using Postfix with Courier-IMAP

The book Postfix talks about configuring the Postfix mail server to deliver to Maildirs, for the Courier IMAP server.

Step-by-step instructions w/ screenshots for getting Mozilla 1.2.1, Outlook 2000, and Outlook Express 6 to work with the Courier IMAP server.

Courier-IMAP + Maildrop + QMail with Virtual Domains HOWTO - self explanatory.

Install and Test Qmail with POP, IMAP and WebMail - a step by step tutorial on setting up a turn-key mail server. - how to setup your own private CA and then generate signed SSL certs for POP and IMAP over SSL.

Qmail FreeBSD toaster - another step by step tutorial, this one is based on FreeBSD.

Qmail VMailMgr and Courier-IMAP HOWTO - extensive documentation on integrating the Courier IMAP server with the Qmail mail server and the VMailMgr virtual domain manager.

A patch to use DRAC with the Courier IMAP server is available at

SecurityFocus's article titled "Clear Text Communication: Slaying the Beast Part II" talks about general issues concerning E-mail and security. the Courier IMAP server is briefly mentioned in this article.

A patch that logs additional accounting information to syslog: