LDAP Address Books

Cone optionally supports searching LDAP directories for E-mail addresses. If this option is available, pressing A from the main Address Book screen displays the following screen:

Add LDAP Address Book screen

 LDAP ADDRESSBOOK ADD                 CONE                                  

                               Add LDAP directory

                         Directory name: ____________________
                   LDAP server hostname: ____________________
                       LDAP suffix/root: ____________________

                                         [ SAVE ]

                                         [ CANCEL ]

 L Folder List   Q Quit
 M Main Menu     W Write Msg

Directory name

Enter a nickname of this LDAP-based address book. This address book appears under this name on the Address Book screen.

LDAP server hostname

Enter the name of the machine that's running the LDAP server.

LDAP suffix/root

This setting specifies the suffix, or the root node, of the LDAP E-mail directory, such as "dc=example, dc=com", and depends on how the LDAP directory is configured. Contact the LDAP server administrator to get the correct LDAP suffix/root setting.

The directory and the server hostname are required, the LDAP root/suffix is optional (depending on the LDAP server's configuration). Highlight Save and press Enter to add this LDAP server to the list of address books that are automatically looked up, or Cancel to abort.