Address Book

When writing a new message, Cone looks up addresses in the defined address books automatically. The Address Book option off the Main Menu accesses various address book-related maintenance functions.

The Address Book option first lists all defined address books. Normally there's only one: Local Address Book - a simple, private, address book maintained by Cone.

Cone can use a folder on a remote IMAP or SMAP server as an address book, permitting the address book to be shared between multiple account. When compiled with LDAP support, Cone can also use an LDAP server-based address book.

All known address book are listed on this screen. Press A to add a new LDAP server-based address book (IMAP and SMAP server-based address books are added directly from the Folder Listing screen, by highlighting the IMAP or SMAP folder, then pressing Use Aaddressbook). Highlighting the name of the address book, and hitting Enter displays all the entries in the address book (except for LDAP address books, which cannot be browsed or modified).


Manually add an entry to the address book.


Delete the address book entry.


Export the contents of the address book to a file. See below for more information.


Import the contents of the address book from a file. See below for more information.


Press Enter to edit the contents of an address book entry.


Rename the address book entry (change the entry's nickname).

Import/Export address book

The contents of the address book can be imported or exported to a file. The address book is exported one address book entry per line:

nickname: "Name" <user@domain>