unicode_emoji_lookup, unicode_emoji, unicode_emoji_presentation, unicode_emoji_modifier, unicode_emoji_modifier_base, unicode_emoji_component, unicode_emoji_extended_pictographic — look up unicode character's Unicode Emoji Classification


#include <courier-unicode.h>
unicode_emoji_t unicode_emoji_lookup( char32_t c);
int unicode_emoji( char32_t c);
int unicode_emoji_presentation( char32_t c);
int unicode_emoji_modifier( char32_t c);
int unicode_emoji_modifier_base( char32_t c);
int unicode_emoji_component( char32_t c);
int unicode_emoji_extended_pictographic( char32_t c);


unicode_emoji_lookup() returns the unicode emoji properties of the specified character, as a bitmask of UNICODE_EMOJI flags, as defined in the header file. unicode_emoji(), unicode_emoji_presentation(), unicode_emoji_modifier(), unicode_emoji_modifier_base(), unicode_emoji_component(), and unicode_emoji_extended_pictographic() check whether the given character carries a specific emoji property. They return 0 if not, and non-0 if the specified character has the corresponding property.