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auth_getoption — Search an option string


#include <courierauth.h>

char *value=auth_getoption( const char *options,
  const char *keyword);


This is a convenience function for parsing account options, as received by the callback function invoked by auth_generic(3), auth_login(3), auth_getuserinfo(3), and auth_passwd(3).

options is the options field from authinfo (which can be NULL). As described in auth_generic(3) (and the others), it is a comma-separated list of keyword=value pairs.

auth_getoption searches options for a keyword.


If options does not have the keyword, auth_getoption returns NULL with errno set to ENOENT. Otherwise auth_getoption allocates a buffer for value, and returns it. It is the caller's responsibility to free(3) the returned buffer.

auth_getoption returns NULL with errno set to ENOMEM if it cannot allocate a buffer.


authlib(3), auth_generic(3), auth_login(3), auth_getuserinfo(3).